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The Top 12 Yoga Teachers in the Boston Area
Follow Derek @ Learnivore Arts ..Posted: 4/1/15, 11:53 am No matter the method (vinyasa, Reiki, etc.), these yogis all seek to provide balance and growth in mind, body, and spirit. Give one a try!

Kerry Ann M. (Pembroke, MA)
Not only is Kerry certified as a yoga teacher in the US, but she pursued her calling to India to study with masters in Buddhist monasteries. If that isn't legit, we don't know what is! Flexible with both price and location, she focuses her sessions on breath work, meditation, alignment, energy work, and finding poses that work for your body. The coolest thing she's done? Helping a client lose 70 pounds with a year of yoga!

Kerry Ann's style of yoga has done wonders to me. She clears your mind for even just an hour of practice you are in a different world. All your worries are left at the door and you are living purely in the moment. You can keep your eyes closed the whole time and know exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Her classes are unique to your individual self or the group. Her creativity and passion show every time she teaches. Her love for yoga has rubbed off on me making me want to further my knowledge of yoga and grow to find my inner self. She's the most genuine authentic and positive person I know and truly believes that you shouldn't question things in your life but embrace them.  

-Lily Lynch, YTT 2015  in training 

Kerry Ann's yoga training is divine. I met her from a friend of a friend and the first impression was coming up to a hand made sign that said yoga in blue, directing us to beach yoga. Kerry Ann's energy is unique and radiant, being around her allows you to except yourself because you can feel her deep self acceptance. But getting down to business, the reason why I've always come back is because of the integrity and simple to understand not so simple poses. Kerry Ann dares because that's her life, connecting with spirit and flowing through her class is transformative. The community aspect that I've witnessed and been a part of is also something that I don't usually accept with ease but accepting myself has helped me open to door to be my unique part in the community that she, and we all create together,
Namaste y'all ;)
-Inspired Student of Kerry Ann

Kerry Ann, This yoga training wouldn't be the same without you, I admire how much you except yourself and do your thing. It's a reminder how yoga is relationship to self first.

-Bridgit YTT Student 2015

KerryAnn has a beautiful heart and soul who puts everything she is into her teaching. She is a compassionate and knowledgable yoga teacher who understands not all bodies are built the same and provides safe modifications to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the postures.  I always feel inspired and balanced after taking her yoga classes.

Angela YTT 2016

Love, compassion, and strength are kerryann tools to guide one along the bumpy road of life through  yoga. Utilizing her deep knowledge of yoga, she is able to demonstrate and teach ease in movement, stability, and breath. With her authenticity and bright guiding light, she establishes how to live in the  present moment. Follow her guidance out from the darkness and into the light and live life how it was meant to be wild, beautiful, and free!

Eric YTT2016

The moment I met her I felt inspired. Her knowlegde of yoga is so deep and her way of teaching is like no other I have ever experienced. I met her years ago at Open Doors and have been following her all over ever since. From Beach Yoga to JUNIKO (Ariel yoga)......

I  always leave her class feeling amazing. We have worked together privately alot and my life has changed because  of it.

 She allowed me to let go, calm down, and see how I AM in control. I cant say enough about Kerry Ann. She is my life saver.


I discovered Kerry Ann's Yoga after emerging from the physical challenges of months of chemotherapy.  I wanted to get fit, but more importantly jump back into all that life had to offer.  Kerry Ann’s beach yoga was a welcome opportunity to stretch and release  physical tensions.  But far, far more valuable was being able to release my post treatment anxieties.  Kerry Ann’s class is like none other I’ve experienced.  And I do speak from experience, having practiced yoga with great instructors on the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast.  Kerry Ann has such an infectious joyful spirit that she is hard to resist. She’s just charming, natural and caring.  You can see how responsive our entire class is with her leadership.  Also, she leads our practice with such special touches (I won’t spoil the surprise for new students).  Without question, she’s amazing — super knowledgeable, super inspiring, and super caring.  It’s a treat to be a part of her practice.  

- Beach Yoga Student 2015